My Restoration


My Restoration

  •      The panic and depression continued. One night, hopeless, nowhere to turn, scared out of my mind, I remembered a cross I was given. It was a wooden cross with Jesus on it. It was stuffed in a box in the attic. Frantically looking for it, I found it. Holding it in my clenched fist, it was as if God said, "remember me, here I am, come to me." 

  •      I took my cross, went into my bedroom and cried out to God. I told Him, I couldn't do this life anymore, if I was going to go on, live, it was going to have to be by Him, I needed Him to rescue me. That night, He rescued me, He took my hand, put Jesus in it, pulled me out of the pit and began a new life in me. 

  •      Shortly after, He led me to Healing Hearts International Ministries. Healing Hearts is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization that minsters hope and healing to those who have experienced abortion in their lives. 

  •      I met with a woman, a post-abortive healing facilitator who personally experienced abortion and walked through the healing process herself. Coming alongside me, she gently and compassionately walked with me through "Binding Up the Broken Hearted,"  a Bible Study written specifically for healing the heartbreak of abortion. 

  •      As I walked through the Bible study, the truth of God's Word peeled layer after layer of guilt, shame, unforgiveness and anger away.

  •    He restored my soul.  Set free from the pain of my past abortion. 


Hope & Healing

Hope & Healing

     For many years, I have been involved with our local pregnancy resource center's post-abortion recovery program. Our program, called Restore Hope: Hope & Healing After Abortion, is offered through one-on-one and/or support group settings by our post-abortion healing facilitator who has personally experienced abortion and has walked through the healing process.

     Coming alongside women who are hurting or struggling from a past abortion(s), we gently and compassionately walk these women through the healing and grieving process.


Support Resources

Healing Support

  •  For more information about Restore Hope: Healing After Abortion, please use the contact tab or visit

  •  Many pregnancy resource centers offer a post-abortion recovery group. To find a group near you please visit