Listen or Ignore ?

When you think of the word Disney, what do you think? The Disney Channel?   Disney World?   Mickey Mouse?  Or do you think…..Walt Disney, the genius creator of it all? He was indeed a genius creator, thinker and entrepreneur. But did you know that when Walt Disney was a teenager, a newspaper editor told him that he wasn’t creative and did not have a good imagination? What if Walt had listened? What if he decided the feedback was true? Disney went on to create the giant entertainment empire that still touches millions of people each year. So….who is speaking into your life?  Is it positive or negative? Do you need to listen to it…..or IGNORE? Thank goodness Disney ignored.Keep pushing.  Move forward.  There are empires to build!!

–Bill Speight


Fragile. Some of you are. Hurt. Most of you out there have been. Injured. Yep.
If you’re not now, you will be. So, what’s next? Where do I go? What do I do?
The answer…..RUN. Fast. Run towards Hope. It’s there. It’s waiting for you.
We want to help. Help you get to your HOPE. Come with us.


—Bill Speight and Allie Doherty